Camping at Laketown Rock? This is What You Need to Know!!!


  • Site sizes are below. You MUST fit into your campsite. If you need to change to a larger site please call 1-855-486-4776. Remember, if you have a 29’ trailer and a truck, you will not fit in a 30’ site…plan accordingly.
  • If your vehicle doesn’t fit in your site you may choose to park in our weekend camp parking lot to ensure you have enough room. You will need to purchase a weekend camp parking pass, which is available for $40.00. This is only available to existing camping customers. Space is limited so book now.


  • Campers should arrive and line up at times posted on the website. Do not arrive at 5am… you will be waiting for a long time and traffic enforcement will ask you to move along!
  • All campers must be respectful of neighbours and abide by quiet times. What does quiet time mean? At all times, music should be played at a volume loud enough for your campsite to enjoy, but not so loud it disturbs your neighbours. At quiet time there is to be no music, no yelling…just quiet conversations.


Laketown Rock organizers feel this information will ensure that the small minority of people who choose to not follow the rules are made accountable for their actions, and the rest of you fantastic festival go-er’s will enjoy a great weekend.

Laketown Rock 2017 CAMPING RULES


Campground Security Procedures and Guidelines

Fire Policies

● NO fire pits, charcoal BBQ, open flames
● Cigarette’s must be discarded in ashtrays, no cigarettes on the ground.

Not following the fire policy is considered engaging in restricted activity and is grounds for eviction from the campground.

Security Procedures

Prohibited Items and Prohibited Activity

Where a security guard comes across prohibited items, the following steps will be followed:

1. The security guard who finds a prohibited item / or comes across prohibited activity in the course of a patrol will

● request the campsite patron to hand it over the item and to cease the activity they are engaging in
● Depending on the prohibited item a patron will either be evicted from the grounds or agree for security or RCMP to confiscate item.
● Inform the patron why this item is being confiscated / ask the patron to desist from prohibited activity.
● The guard will record the name of the patron, the area, road name and the campsite number of the patron.
● If a person or campsite is compliant with requests and they are not ejected from site. The patron(s) will be put on a “potential eviction list”. If a patron or campsite on this list is caught with another prohibited item they will be immediately evicted from the grounds
● Ensure information is passed on to the next shift of guards.

2. In the event of a non-cooperative patron who does not comply with any of the above requests, or where there is a perceived danger to the guard’s safety, the Source Security command centre will be contacted by radio or cell phone. When receiving a call the command centre operator will dispatch additional security or police resources as necessary. Furthermore, the command centre operator will advise the venue commander of the situation and provide updates as required.

3. If retreat is the only option immediately available to ensure the guard’s safety, the guard must attempt to record the camping location of the prohibited items or activity. When the safety threat is diminished, the guard should call command and have police attend along with the venue commander, whilst monitoring the situation from a safe distance.

Text Message Reporting Procedures

In order to better ensure control of the campsite during night time hours, Source Security will operate an anonymous text line that allows campground users to report disruptive behaviour by cell phone text message to the command centre.

In order to better respond to texts, the following procedure will be followed:

1. The command centre operator on duty will receive the text message, and note the time in the security log
2. The command centre operator will then reply to the text message if appropriate, and obtain:

      a. Campsite location (village, road, placement) of the person(s) responsible for the disruptive behaviour, and
      b. A brief description of the activity

3. Once the command centre operator has obtained the information outlined in point 2, the command centre operator will dispatch appropriate resources to the site location.
4. For any incidents where there is a clear indication of a threat to safety the command centre operator will immediately notify the security commander, and request that police provide an escort to guards.

Camping Gates

● Camping gates are responsible for checking wrist bands on all patrons entering the campgrounds. They should have a ISLAND’S ROCK PIT, HILLSIDE, or a FULL EVENT WEEKEND band. SINGLE DAY GENERAL admission bands are NOT allowed in the camp grounds. Inform the visitors that it is a matter of safety.

● All vehicles entering the camp sites MUST have a parking pass. There is only ONE vehicle per camping site.

Road Ways

● NO cruising or excessive driving. If the same vehicle is always on the road, educate them and take down the license plate and camping information, if they continue report to command centre or the Campground coordinator.
● Speed limit is 10km/hr.  Those exceeding this speed should be stopped and educated, take down plate number and driver’s name. If there are further issues contact command and they will talk to production about further action.
● All vehicles on site MUST have the proper passes
● Campers must have all of their belongings within the boundary of their camp sites. Nothing may be in the road ways or overflowing into neighbouring sites unless okayed by the owner of that site.

Quiet Times & Closing Times

● Quiet time in Mellor and Infield zones is midnight. Conversation is okay, RULE: as long as its not a disruptive amount of sound.

● Quiet time in Tractor Pull, Centerfield and Big Boys Toys is 1:00am. No excessive noise after this hour.

● Quiet Time in Winter and all tent areas is 2:00am.  No excessive noise after this hour

● Venue Closes at 12am-1am, be prepared for a rush – NO GATE BREAKS during this time!

Prohibited Items & Activity

Unlike the main venue area for Laketown Rock, patrons can bring a wider variety of items into the campground area. For example, outside chairs, vehicles, tents, music equipment, food and alcohol are allowed inside. However, certain common sense guidelines will be expected of all Campground patrons’ possessions and activities.

Prohibited Items

● Knives not intended for utility purposes
● Glass bottles
● Animals, with the exception of service dogs.
● Weapons of any kind
● Fireworks and explosives
● Personal golf carts, atv’s, horses, or any other personal recreation vehicle
● Narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia
● Any item which may endanger the safety of campsite patrons
● Any item which may disturb the tranquility of campsite patrons

Depending on the prohibited item a patron will either be evicted from the grounds, directed to return their item to their home, agree for security to take into possession, or turn over the item to the RCMP.

If a patron is caught using a prohibited item they will be evicted from the campground immediately.

Restricted Activity

● Criminal offences in general (I.E. distribution of narcotics, breaches of the peace, assaults)
● Uncleanly campsites: All campsites are to be maintained for the duration of the event. Any campsite with more than 5 pieces of garbage onsite at any one time will be given 5 minutes to clean up their mess. Failure to comply with this request will lead to an immediate eviction from the campground and a bracelet removal
● Entering the campsite without a camping visitor pass
● Vehicle being parked in the camping area without a camping pass
● No more than 8 persons on a site at any one time
● 1 vehicle per site at any one time – must have camping decal
● Climbing on any structures or tampering with any structures in the campground area
● Rowdy behaviour
● Drinking outside of designated campsites. All alcohol will be poured out immediately at the request of security.
● Causing a disturbance for neighbouring campsites
● Excessive noise violations. Quiet times are posted for each camping area. This does not mean that a patron can disrupt the rest of the campground by creating an excessive amount of noise
● Underage drinking and contributing to a minor in the campground
● The building of or using unsafe structures in the campground
● Any activity which may reasonably endanger the safety of campground users
● Any activity which disrupts other users’ enjoyment of the campsite
● Flying colours, patches or any gang related paraphernalia

Any person or campsite engaging in restricted activity will be subject to an immediate ejection.

Towing Policy

● Any campers that do not fit in their sites, block roadways, park in more than one site, don’t have camping/parking credentials displayed, or park in non-designated areas WILL BE TOWED and must pay a $125.00 towing fee. Keep all decals on your windshield; keep your windows up and doors locked – treat them as you would any other valuable in your vehicle.

Drop Off Policy

● Additional campers will not be permitted to drive into campgrounds to drop items off at any time. They must use the designated drop off area. Transportation options to the campgrounds may be available.

● If you are renting an RV drop offs are permitted during general camping load in times. The driver must have the camping voucher to check in.


● To consider for 2017 – Campsites must be kept clean at all times. If you are found with a dirty campsite you will be given one warning and charged a $200.00 damage deposit, or evicted.


● To consider for 2017 – No animals will be allowed on site, with the exception of service animals.