Fire Restriction Information


Laketown Rock Music Festival, in partnership with the local Youbou and Town of Lake Cowichan fire safety officials, announce their 2017 strategic fire safety plan for Laketown Ranch, focusing on increased fire prevention and education, public safety, additional onsite water resources and a heightened presence from fire department staff.

To reduce the risk of fires in the campground and concert bowl, festival organizers request that propane fire pits be a minimum of 12 inches off the ground.. Cooking appliances, such as cook stoves and barbecues, must be 2 feet off of the ground at all times.  Charcoal barbeques will not be permitted.  If using a propane fire pit or cooking appliance you MUST have a fire extinguisher nearby in your campsite.

A 24-hour a day presence from Youbou and the Town of Lake Cowichan fire safety unit, including a fire truck on site, strategically placed water stations throughout the festival grounds, round the clock security and clearly marked designated smoking areas will greatly increase the safety of the event and reduce the risk of fires.

The Laketown Rock Team reminds everyone to please enjoy the festival safely and responsibly. If you are a smoker, festival organizers ask that you ensure that all cigarette butts and matches are safely disposed of in a proper receptacle and never placed on the ground.